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The best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

Sep. 15, 2020

Perks will help you get the most out of Horizon Zero Dawn weapons, as will modifiers that target various elemental weaknesses. While these updates are important, you want to have the best basic weapon among them.


If you're new to Horizon Zero Dawn, here are the things to keep in mind and where they fit the best.




The Tearblaster is a weapon with a clear purpose: tear off the armor of your enemies. It can rip the cannons out of the back of the largest of the creatures, leaving them exposed to damage from another weapon. The tear launcher itself cannot do much damage. So disable it as soon as you've opened a vulnerable area.


Improved Stormslinger


The upgraded Storm Slinger is the most powerful weapon in the game in terms of raw damage and is especially deadly against low-electricity enemies. Unlocking takes a long time, so it won't be of much help to beginners. However, when you fight your way through Horizon and face the toughest enemies Frozen Wilds has in store for you, you need the upgraded Storm Tug by your side.



Banuk Powershot Arch


The Banuk Powershot is best used for enemies in the air (slightly better weapons are available for large roaming machines), but flying enemies are probably the most terrifying enemies in Horizon. You will be happy to have one.


War Bow Lodge


You get this bow by passing the Hunters Lodge exams. So keep in mind that while this is a great weapon, you will need other great weapons to unlock it. When you get Aloy's hand, hope this is the bow you use the most. It has devastating power and greatly increases elemental damage. It also comes with the bragging right because you need some skill to own it in the first place.



Shadow War Bow


Shadow War Bow is "your bow" and Lodge War Bow is "the bow you shouldn't worry about." It's basically as good as Lodge War Bow, but it has worse elemental effects. Once you unlock the Lodge version, Shadow One will no longer receive any attention. However, to get the Lodge version, Shadow is quite a necessary weapon.


Improved Icerail


As you've seen before, Frozen Wilds contains some of the best weapons in Horizon, so it's no wonder someone else is on this list. The Upgraded Icerail is an ice cannon capable of freezing and damaging enemies.

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