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    • Aug. 22, 2019
      What do you think you can be in Mount And Blade Warband?
      Elder Scrolls games inspire Zero Hero Fantasyists by presenting them as prisoners for each episode. Attached to a ship, locked in a dungeon and transported to the block with a prisoner's car. It is a beautiful tradition, the reincarnation of a pluralistic person who saves the world, always chained. But these games lack real determination. You are released immediately after you have almost no mo...
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    • Aug. 21, 2019
      Football Manager 2019: Will Frank Lampard succeed in Chelsea?
      Frank Lampard is the new Chelsea coach. Can Football Manager 2019 tell us how the club legend will evolve during his tenure? Some parties have tried to follow the leadership of the leadership leadership coach during the last decade, for example, the FIFA official, but none have succeeded. Instead, they fell into the water, the Sports Interactive simulator is still the best. There is a good reas...
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    • Aug. 20, 2019
      Total War: Warhammer 2's DLC array teases "old friends"
      There are two free contents. One is a new Legendary Lord and the other is another Old World update. All basic races of Total War WARHAMMER 2 now have a free legendary lord, so the newcomer can guess at will. Thanquol, a powerful gray light, is also a notable absence for the Skaven. As for the Old World update, Warhammer's Empire and Greenskins, I have to review it. Wait for the next Free Lord a...
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    • Aug. 19, 2019
      Do you think Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 can surpass FIFA 2020 this year?
      FIFA has long been the giver of football matches. Although some rates have disappointed, this is one of the best selling games every year. However, a former rival reappeared in 2019. Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, while the jokes and the poor man's soccer game question FIFA's reign, is about to conquer the crown this year. With the launch of Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Steam Key Global on Septembe...
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    • Aug. 16, 2019
      The Sims 4 Island Living: Let's take a life vacay!
      I have been playing The Sims 4 Island Living Origin CD Key for a long time. Personally, I loved the City Living package because it is so different from many other packages that have been around for quite some time. This gives a real sense of community and I think it's a fun version of the Sims. I really enjoyed exploring this package since there are many activities in which I can participate. f...
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